What is the behaviour score in Dota2?

behaviour score in dota2

The developers of Dota2 have tried to make the game more competent and fair by taking numerous steps. One of these steps is the behaviour score. The players in Dota 2 are matched up on the basis of skills and behaviour. The skills of the player can easily be measured by win/loss or MMR in the game. For behaviour, Dota2 has a metric used to determine the behaviour of a player in the game called behaviour score. Players with good behaviour scores are matched with players with good scores and for a toxic player, the players with detrimental behaviour scores are matched. For players, it is recommended to measure the behaviour score from time to time to see the position of your account.

How to check the behaviour score of a Dota2 player?

Follow the given steps to check the behaviour score in Dota:

  • Click your profile on the homepage in the upper left corner.
  • Just under the profile tab there is a conduct summary showing a smiley or sad face which indicates your behaviour score.

Click on the box to show a summary of lifetime behaviour scores and what steps played a role in this rating.

Factors affecting Dota2 behaviour score

behaviour score in dota2

The following are the factors which affect the performance of the Dota2 behaviour score:


The commends received during a match if the player is friendly increases the behaviour score. So, try to be more friendly and cooperative with other players.


If the player leaves a match and does not reconnect within five minutes then he is considered abandoned which negatively affects the behaviour score. Intentionally leaving the game is considered as misbehaviour and it also ruins the experience for opposite players.

Reports of gameplay

The toxic player can be reported in Dota2. So, if you have been reported several times then it will affect your behavior score. If your account has valid reports then your behaviour score will decrease.

Abusive communication

Using abusive language in the chat box also decreases the behaviour score in Dota2. Those who have been reported as abusive and aggressive will see their score fall.

What happens when you have a low behaviour score?

behaviour score in dota2

There are some disadvantages regarding the low behaviour score. A few of them are discussed below:

  • Players are placed in the queue where the other players have the same score. This may result in a longer queue and the matches are late due to less availability of players.
  • The players with lo behaviour scores are usually muted and the process of communication is disrupted.
  • The reports from other players are increased because of toxic behaviour.
  • The quality of matches also declines which means that they are teamed up with players of the same behaviour.

What happens when you have a good behaviour score?

  • The players with good behaviour scores are placed with the players with the same behaviour score. This makes the queue small and chances for early matches increase.
  • The communication process is increased and helps in improving performance.
  • The reports from other players are reduced which impacts the performance of the players.
  • More quality matches are given to the players.

What is the highest behaviour score in Dota2?

The highest or maximum behaviour score in Dota2 is 10000. But any value between 9000 and 10000 is also considered a good behaviour score. If the score falls below 8000 your conduct in the game is poor.

How to increase behaviour score?

There are various ways to increase the behaviour score in Dota2. The behaviour score depends on the views given by others about your conduct and behaviour. Follow these simple steps to increase your behaviour score:

  • Avoid negative communication with your team members.
  • Control your emotions when the team is not playing well.
  • Do not annoy other players
  • Also try to improve your game because if you will play well you will receive commendations from your team members.


It is necessary to check the behaviour score on and off as it helps you to determine where you stand in the game. Take immediate and effective actions if you see your behaviour score falling. Try to be more confident about your performance and show patience during the difficult phase. All of these things will help you to maintain the behaviour score.

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