How To Improve Your MMR In Dota 2

The Dota2 MMR is a high-strategy and skill game. Matchmaking in MMR can be a representation of your skill level.  The MMR can be improved by following these steps:
  1. Master heroes: Instead of playing multiple heroes, just focus on mastering one. This strategy will help you to improve your performance and to learn the game by knowing your weaknesses.
  2. Watch replays: In order to understand the game, it is necessary to watch the replay of your performance. Look for the mistakes and improve them.
  3. Communication: communication is considered key to reaching a higher level. Use a microphone while playing the game and discuss it with your team.
  4. Practice: practice is also crucial to level up your rank. Try to improve your accuracy and timing.
These were a few effective techniques to improve your MMR in Dota2.
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