European Leaderboard: Dota 2 Top 10 Legendary Titans

European leaderboard

Europe has always been an amazing place for players and can be considered the center of gaming activities. Talking about the online gaming arena, Europe has huge contributions. There are players from this continent who made a mark in history in online gaming because of their incredible performance. In this blog, we will unleash the Dota2 European leaderboard in which we will talk about their competitiveness, skills, etc. The leaderboard tells us about the ranking of top players in Dota2. We will look for the top 10 European titans in Dota2 in 2023.

European Leaderboard

The leaderboard keeps on changing regularly due to the competitiveness of the game. We will look for the data in August 2023.

Position 1 and 6: Entity.医者watson.egoisto

european leaderboard

Alimzhan Islambekov is a famous Dota2 player who is also known as Watson belongs to Kazakstan and was born on April 20, 2002. The journey in online gaming for Watson started from Warcraft III and now he has reached 13000 MMR in Dota2. He is a shining star in Dota2 and among the top 6 players in the game and the first from Kazakstan. The journey continues for Watson as he looks forward to achieving more in online gaming. The rank in Dota2 can be increased by using Dota2 MMR boost.

Position 2: Malady2

European leaderboard

Arman Maladay Orazbeyev is also from Kazakhstan and was born on October 23, 2000. He is considered one of the most skilled players for  Natus Vincere. He has a well-reputed history with teams like V-gaming, and Hellraisers. His success in this game is because of his smart work and exceptional dedication. It is worth telling that he got the victory in the DPC EEU season 2021/2022 with Hellraisers and earned first position in the second division of the game. Recently, he clinched a victory in the European Pro League season 4 tournament. Maladay is an inspiration for those who want to become online gaming professionals.

Position 3: OG.bzm.EH10

european leaderboard

Bozihdar bzm Bogdanov, was born on April 22, 2005 from Balgaria. Initially, he was known as “Hansha” in 2021. He got a qualification with Creepwave for ESL in one fall of 2021 due to a rapid rise in the European leaderboard. He joined OG in November 2021 and became an important player in the respected organization. He achieved 12000 MMR and became the youngest winner of the Dota2 pro circuit by playing a vital role in the victory of OG at ESL Stockholm 2022. With his excellence and youthful enthusiasm, he inspires people and has a huge fan following.

Position 4: BetBoom.gpk MUTANT

european leaderboard

Danil gpk Skutin was born on August 23, 2001. He is a famous Russian  Dota2 player known for his exceptional skills. He climbed the process of the game smoothly under the alias gpk, entered the pro scene with Creepwave, and secured a spot in ESL One in the fall of 2021. He is a significant player on the BetBoom team and has an amazing 68.38% of win rate. He has got 7th position in the 2022 PGL M major Arlington. He is a great example of talent and determination for youngsters who want to pursue online gaming professional career. You may also visit dota2 MMR boost to increase your ranking in the game.

Position 5: el cacha viejas 322 644 xD

european leaderboard

Hector K1 Rodriguez was born on November 10, 2000, in Peru and is a prominent player in Dota2. His remarkable journey started with achieving milestones in no time and hitting 10000 MMR. He has the honor of becoming the first South American player who achieved 120000 MMR in February 2023. He is a member of “nouns” a well-known team of e-sports. Currently, he is on break due to his priority on mental health and shedding light on the importance of mental health in e-sports. Hopefully, he will join the game again and show his skills.

Position 7: GS.skem.helenit

Andrei Skem Ong was born on February 19, 2000. He is an exceptional force in the Dota2 realm from the Philippines. His journey started in local teams and shows his commitment to improvement. Now, he is a vital member of the Greek Fam. His startling performance has led the team to many victories in local and international matches. He is an unparalleled talent in  Dota2.

Position 8: Secret.Armel

Armel Tabois was born on January 20, 2000, and has been marked as a competitive Dota2 Filipino player. His journey started with TNC Predator and Fnatic and now he is a significant member of Team Secret. His strategies, fineness, and adaptability have made him the first Southeast Asian player top midlaners

Position 9: Tears

The information related to Tears is unknown and not a part of any well-known organization.

Position 10: BetBoom.Pure~.bit

european leaderboard

Ivan Pure was born on February 6, 2004, in Russia. He is a well-known player because of his contributions to Dota2. Despite his brief time in the game, he gained prominence and joined Virtus. pro with an 11000 amazing MMR. There are some incidents during his journey, such as he was disqualified from DPC EEU 2022 because of drawing a controversial symbol on the map during pause which also caused his eviction from Vitrus. pro. He was also banned because he viewed the event’s Twitch during the pause. Despite all these, he gained 12000 MMR in the Dota2 which shows his commitment. He is a vital member of BetBoom, Pures Dedication and resilience.

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