Dota 2 Positions and Roles Explained

Dota2 is a complex game and has a lot of heroes. These heroes have specific roles and they are ranked on the basis of success or failure of the game. If a player successfully understands its role and its effect on the position then he can achieve higher MMR in a very short time. Dota2 is like any other individual-player game where the role of the single player may affect the game. The Requirements such as collaboration, timely communication, and decision-making are crucial parts of the game. In this blog, we will discuss Dota2 positions and roles in the game.

What are the roles and positions in Dota2?

There are five positions in Dota2  carry, mid, offlaner, soft support, and hard support. The roles and responsibilities are given according to the position in the game.

Carry – The first position

The first position in Dota2 is named carry and is responsible for damaging the enemy heroes and structure. They are usually weak and dangerous at the start of the laning stage which depends upon the hero’s choices and matching. If they get all the support to become strong then they become a force that is not easy to deal with. Their main role in the laning phase is to farm in which they collect experience and gold. At the last, they hit the creeps reliably and consistently. When they have enough experience, they are expected to play a role in pushing towers, win team fights, and siege the base of enemies.

Midlaner – The second position

Midlaner is in the second position in Dota2 and is responsible for controlling the middle lane in the laning stage. This stage is like pseudo carry and farming is significant in this position. Whenever any other lane needs help, they are expected to be active. In this stage, there is one versus one matchup. This is considered as one of the most active roles and communication is the key in this. With the progress of the game, they are more capable of facing attacks, if the damage is not done to the players and carries the team.

Offlaner - The third position

The main responsibility of the third-position player is to stay alive in offlane and make the gold to the fullest extent. With the help of soft support, they destroy the enemy’s carry farm. It is the hardest role because it is extremely dangerous. Without farms, the offlaner struggles to be useful in the latter stages. It is difficult to secure themselves from the last hitting. On a lighter side, this stage is more fun as it has less pressure than midlane and carry. Their main goal or objective is to pressurize the enemy by starting fights, making space, and seizing.

Soft support – The fourth position

The enemy carry is pressurized in the fourth position in the laning phase. They focus on poking, harassing, and nuisance instead of farming. The ally in the offlaner secures the farm and shuts the enemy carry. The soft support can roam around the map and help other lanes whenever required. In the middle and end of the game, the focus shifts from helping to fighting by using abilities on optimal targets. It can be damaging for enemies and save the allies. The offensive or defensive items are built to facilitate this role. To level up your rank Dota2 MMR boost can help you.

Hard support – The fifth position

The hard support assists the carry and protects them from the enemy. The enemies’ offlaner and soft support are harassed in order to help them carry and make them weak. They provide vision by warding and making it easier to find out the enemies moving around the map. They keep an eye on other lanes and rotate until the ally carry dies. The hard support role is a sacrificial role in which it has to die in order to support the carry. They play around carry and coordinate to help them whenever needed. The items that can be chosen to save the carry are Glimmer Cape, Mekansm, and Force Staff.


The roles and positions in the Dota2 are explained in this blog. The most important thing that can be concluded is that one position supports its allies to destroy the enemy from other positions. When a player understands the workings of this game, it is easy to increase the win rate and MMR as well.

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