Dota2 MMR ranks list

Dota2 MMR ranks List

The MMR (matchmaking ranking) tells about your skills by knowing about rank and rank confidence. Whenever you play a match our ranking system updates the ranking on the basis of whether you win or lose. There are only eight ranks in Dota 2. To level up your rank a medal and numerical value are required. Further, Dota2 MMR ranking has five stars each of which contains 150 MMR. The value indicates the position of the player in the current rank.

dota2 mmr ranking

Dota2 MMR ranks

Herald ranks: 0-616 MMR

Guardian ranks: from 770 -1386 MMR

Crusader ranks: from 1540-2156 MMR

Archon ranks: from 2310-2926 MMR

Legend ranks: from 3080-3696 MMR

Ancient ranks: from 3850-4486 MMR

Divine ranks: from 4620-5420 MMR

Immortal ranks: 6000+ MMR

The medals of players can be seen on profiles from where you know about rank. The Dota2 MMR behavior score also plays a crucial role in the ranking. For instance, if your behavior score is bad your match will be with a toxic player. The Dota2 MMR boosting helps you to reach your desired rank in the game with the help of professional players.

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