Dota 2 MMR and Ranks Explained

A brief Explanation of Dota 2 MMR and its Ranking

Dota2 mmr and ranks explained

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a 2013 multiplayer online battle ring started by Valve. It is a series of defenses against the ancients (DOTA). The game is played between two teams with five members each. All of the ten players defend the team individually by controlling a character known as the “hero”. Each hero has different powers which are gained after defeating the player of the opposite team. The players defend their base and the team wins which first destroys the base structure of the other one. you can play a game without a hero for free but have to pay for using the characters.

Heroes in Dota2

The heroes in Dota2 play a central role in the game. The players of each team are given a hero with some specific powers to defeat the other team. The Dota 2 heroes are classified into three categories or groups. These are named strength, agility, and intelligence. Each name is attributed to the power heroes own.

Strength heroes

The main attribute of these heroes is strength. Each point in this group provides the hero with health, regeneration, and damage. They start a fight and can capture the heroes of the opposite team. The Dota2 has 41-strength heroes.

Agility heroes

The primary attribute of these heroes is agility. Each point of agility provides the attack speed, damage, and armor. The heroes in this category are weak at the start due to which they need support to achieve their maximum potential. Dota 2 has 38 agility heroes.

Intelligence heroes

The main attribute of these heroes is intelligence. The gain-in point provides the hero with mana, mana regeneration, and damage. These heroes help to deal with damage with their skills and abilities. They help the agility heroes in making maps. There are 43 intelligence heroes in Dota 2.

Which is the best hero in Dota2?

At the start of the game, each player is provided with a hero who plays his role for the entire duration of the game. The heroes may accomplish way more than you can expect with all the complexities. These heroes show their power according to circumstances and some may be powerful for a specific situation. They all function in a different way and varies from game to game.

What is MMR ranking in Dota2?

The players become more familiar with the ranking system when they start to move up in the game. The ranking system is simple for those who have prior experience in other games but may be tricky for those who are new. The valve keeps updating the new ranking system from time to time. The ranking system of Dota2 is now different from what it was previously.

The Dota2 MMR (match-making rank) determines the skill level of the team. With each win the number is increased and the player is promoted but with each defeat, the number decreases. The MMR is divided into eight ranks. Your individual performance will not affect the number, in fact, it is the final result of the game which affects your rank. The MMR in Dota2 s calculated by several factors such as your behavior, KDA, and total damage. On the basis of your MMR rank, it is also decided who you will face in the rocket league. You play against those players who match your skill level.

How to unlock ranked MMR in Dota2?

Before entering the medal and ratings, you will be required to unlock the match-making portion of Dota2. It is usually locked when you create a new account. You will need to play 100 hours of game to unlock the rank. It is usually recommended to play unranked games because it is beneficial in the long run. MMR determines the skill level of the player and ranks according to it. If you are creating a Smurf account the system will detect your talents and make your match with the tougher opponent. It is important t to have a valid account to link with the stream account. The number can be changed or removed but you have to wait for almost 3 months if you want to use it again. To unlock your rank, it is important to bring ranked confidence up to 30%.

What is rank confidence in Dota2?

Dota2 uses rank and rank confidence to measure the skills of the player. The rank is the skill estimate whereas the confidence in that rank is called rank confidence. It can be explained by how much the player experiences greater MMR and rank decreases when rank confidence is low. The matches do not cause the rank to fall like the past instead it changes on the basis of rank confidence. When a player plays more ranked matches the algorithm will give more confidence. When the ranked confidence is more than 30% you will be given a rank in Dota2 MMR. If the player is inactive for a long time, the confidence rank will become low with time.

What is Glicko in the Dota2 rank system?

The Glicko is an algorithm in the Dota2 MMR system. The Glicko allows Dota2 to determine the skill level of a player through ranked confidence. It usually works in two different ways. The Glicko can detect smurfs and as a result, they gain high MMR for their games. When Glicko detects that a player is performing poorly then his MMR is dropped.

What are MMR ranks and medal tiers in the Dota2 rank mode?

When you play ranked match for Dota2 MMR. The medals and ranks cannot be seen around your profile, you will head toward rank calibration matches based on your previous performance. The losses in the unranked game will not affect the overall ranking because the matches you played in calibration will significantly boost your hidden ranks. The player will be given a medal based on MMR.

Dota2 Ranks

The ranks of Dota2 are usually determined by a player’s MMR.

dota2 mmr ranking


The Herald is the lowest rank in the Dota2. Usually, beginners with little or no experience are placed in this rank. This is a place to start where you can learn more about the game. There are further categories in it.

Herald One: 0 MMR

Herald Two: 154 MMR

Herald Three: 308 MMR

Herald Four: 462 MMR

Herald Five: 616 MMR


The game becomes more competitive when you reach to up level. The player usually understands his primary role and perfects the mechanical skills. The Guardian rank is further divided into subcategories.

Guardian One: 770 MMR

Guardian Two: 924 MMR

Guardian Three: 1,078 MMR

Guardian Four: 1,232 MMR

Guardian Five: 1,386 MMR


This is the rank where most of the players start studying the game.  You will encounter players with meta picks and up-to-date game items which will increase the win rate. The player should have an understanding of which item should be bought under various scenarios. You will fight against different heroes in each set.

Crusader One: 1,540 MMR

Crusader Two: 1,694 MMR

Crusader Three: 1,848 MMR

Crusader Four: 2,002 MMR

Crusader Five: 2,156 MMR


There are more than 100 heroes in the Dota2 but you can only choose five to start a fight. Communication through chat is an effective way to get out of this level. You should choose the role which describes your skills.

Archon One: 2,310 MMR

Archon Two: 2,464 MMR

Archon Three: 2,618 MMR

Archon Four: 2,772 MMR

Archon Five: 2,926 MMR


Vision war is started when you enter the legend rank. The player uses wards and counter wards to ensure they have better vision. Players usually start replicating what the high-level players do to get out of this bracket.

Legend One: 3,080 MMR

Legend Two: 3,234 MMR

Legend Three: 3,388 MMR

Legend Four: 3,542 MMR

Legend Five: 3,696 MMR


The players at the ancient level understand the game and its mechanics. Most of the players are able to play intensive heroes. Patience is required to get out of this stage. Communication is the key to learning and winning the game.

Ancient One: 3,850 MMR

Ancient Two: 4,004 MMR

Ancient Three: 4,158 MMR

Ancient Four: 4,312 MMR

Ancient Five: 4,466 MMR


The Divine lobby is also known as the waiting lobby because it is required to power through before reaching the immortal. Most of the top-ranked players are at this level. Playing titles may affect the performance of the divine players and the chances for a win decrease.

Divine One: 4,620 MMR

Divine Two: 4,820 MMR

Divine Three: 5,020 MMR

Divine Four: 5,220 MMR

Divine Five: 5,420 MMR


The Immortals are top-ranked players and are considered kings of Dota 2. The immortal players are the masters of the game who knows in and out of the game.

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