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dota2 heroes

The heroes in Dota 2 have crucial roles. Each hero is required to perform specific duties according to the game situation. During the match in Dota2, each team selects five heroes who collect experience xp and gold to grow stronger and enhance their abilities. The heroes have distinct abilities and can perform multiple roles by using various equipment. The performance of the heroes can be boosted by using the MMR boost service. In this article, we will go through some frequently asked questions related to heroes in Dota 2.

Number of heroes in Dota2

  • According to the official data, the total number of heroes in Dota2 is 125.
  • There are 32 strength heroes, 31 agility heroes, and 31 intelligence heroes.
  • There is a new hero named Muerta.

Heroes and their attributes

There are three main categories of heroes in the game.

  1. Strength heroes are strong and tough warriors. They can stand with more damage as compared to other heroes. They can easily recover the damage naturally.
  2. Agility heroes are considered masters of using weapons and new fighting techniques. These heroes have speed and armor. They are played in carry and ganker roles.
  3. Intelligence heroes are masters of ability and spells. They have more mana pools and mana regeneration power than other heroes. They use their magical powers to help allies and harm the enemies. They may play as ganker, support, pusher, or carrier roles.

Which is the most famous hero in Dota2?

dota2 heroes

According to the July 2023 statistics, the melee Pudge character is the most famous character with a pick rate of 33.32%. Pudge has boosted the number of lifetime matches upto 952million. Phantom Assassin was the second most popular hero in the Dota2 game.

What is the latest hero in Dota2?

dota2 heroes

Muerta is the newest Dota2 intelligence hero. It can cause damage to multiple heroes using trick shots, gunplay, and summoned spirits. It is immune to any kind of physical damage and can cause damage to enemies through magical powers.

What is the most successful team of Dota2 2023?

dota2 heroes

The team Liquid is considered the most successful professional e-sports team. It was found in the Netherlands in 2000. This team usually plays in Dota2 tournaments and won 25.3 million USD. The most successful team in May 2023 is OG which won 36 million USD and is known as home to the most successful Dota2 players.

What is the hardest hero to play in Dota2?

dota2 heroes

Chen Centaur is the hardest player in Dota 2. He is considered a most difficult hero because he is able to control creeps and adjust the pattern of the game to maintain the performance of the team. Chen is an early hero and can be weak if used in-game later.

Which is the hardest character in Dota2?

DOTA2 heroes

Meepo is the hardest character in Dota2 and while playing the game you are required to have at least five micro copies of Meepo. The Caveat power of this hero makes it impossible for most of the players to compete. But when a single microcopy of Meepo dies, all the players die.

Conclusion Of Heroes In Dota2

We have seen the most searched information about the Dota2 heroes. Dota2 is a complex game having a variety and categories of heroes. Each player is associated with unique properties and abilities. These heroes make the game fun and if you are looking for rewarding MOBI  you should check Dota2.

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